Wholesale Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Egg And Fruit Slicer

Case Pack: 3
Retail Price: $12.99
  • Unique chrome plated egg slicer with 3 cutting faces. Features two slicing disks to create picture-perfect round or oval slices as well as wedges.
  • Made of durable and attractive chrome-plated zinc. The cutting wires are constructed from stainless steel.
  • Egg Separators are ideal for cutting hard-boiled eggs. Perfect for creating chef\'s salads or egg-based appetizers.
  • Raised handle for easy opening and closing
  • Non-slip base provides a comfortable grip while slicing over a bowl or plate
  • Dishwasher safe
Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Egg And Fruit SlicerTI-HOBES-

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